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AI Training for Businesses and Organizations

Discover how to use AI to boost your business growth, innovate in product development, supercharge your marketing, and fast-track your team's development.
01 Your Roadmap to Success
Our training program is tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of your business
02 Hands-On Learning
We dedicate 85% of our time to practical sessions, empowering participants to fine-tune business processes with AI insights
03 Real-World Applications
Your industry's actual case studies guide our training, showcasing relevant process optimization strategies
04 Designed for Your Convenience
Flexible schedule, small group settings, and direct chat access to your mentor

What you'll achieve with Gathers:

01 The capability to identify business processes that can be improved using large language models
02 Mastery of advanced prompt engineering techniques
03 The skill to craft effective prompts for process optimization and automation
04 Proficiency in developing and customizing AI assistants; no coding skills required

Our Clients and Their Success Stories

We have delivered our lectures and workshops to a diverse range of clients, including tech startups, venture capitalists, media companies, creative agencies, banks, and government organizations.
businesses and organizations
trained professionals
They have learned the nuances of generative AI and transformed new knowledge into a powerful tool for enhancing their productivity, efficiency, and creativity.
Client: Promodo
What they use AI for:
01  crafting marketing strategies
02 email campaign management
  • 1/3
    Challenge: organize the email database
    Outcome: created a bespoke prompt for ChatGPT that streamlined a vast contact database, eliminating duplicates, correcting errors, and identifying unique user domains
  • 2/3
    Challenge: develop an email marketing strategy
    Outcome: the time it took to complete the task dropped from 3–5 hours to just 1–2 hours.
    By using a customized prompt, the client was able to compile a list of triggers for user messaging. This prompt is crafted so that ChatGPT doesn't just produce basic triggers and messages but also elaborates by detailing different email sequence strategies and offering varied text options for the messages.
  • 3/3
    Challenge: identify spam triggers in email texts
    Outcome: the AI took over a task traditionally handled by copywriters and marketers, optimizing email content to avoid spam filters while freeing up human creativity for more strategic tasks.
Client: Truman
What they use AI for:
01  generating engaging social media content
02 translating and subtitling video content
03 creating YouTube-optimized titles and descriptions
04 working with large documents
  • 1/4
    Challenge: translate an interview script from Ukrainian to English
    Outcome: the time it took to complete the task dropped from 2 hours to just 15 minutes, with ChatGPT delivering questions in native English that maintained the original's tone and context.
  • 2/4
    Challenge: generate a video description and a YouTube-friendly title
    Outcome: the AI has generated high-quality descriptions and titles that match the channel's tone, desired character count, and keyword usage frequency, increasing visual appeal and viewer engagement.
  • 3/4
    Challenge: support daily social media activity for the project
    Outcome: with the implementation of AI, standard tasks like writing tweets, creating captions for posts, and selecting appropriate hashtags now take 10–15 minutes per day. This allows for perfect integration into the overall workflow, freeing up more time for creative tasks.
  • 4/4
    Challenge: strategize risk management for a
    Outcome: ChatGPT served as a virtual risk manager, categorizing potential risks with mitigation strategies and streamlining the decision-making process for project leads.
Client: Havas PR Ukraine
What they use AI for:
01  writing expert opinion pieces
  • 1/1
    Challenge: create an expert column for a leading Ukrainian business figure
    Outcome: what would take days was accomplished in hours. The AI distilled key insights from a speech transcript, generating a column that required minimal revisions and has met client approval swiftly.

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